changeLIFE : What is in for you?

changeLIFE offers you
- a solid instrument to detect your demand of change
- guidance and support with regard to the planning of your change,
   either in your private or in your professional contex
- support of the execution of your change
- and - if required - support in the "time after" too.

The graphic shows the conceptional basis of changeLIFE


We all experience continuous change.
Sometimes it is we who initiate change and sometimes we have to undergo change initiated by others.

What about you?
Do you like to initiate change? to execute change? and do you succeed?
Or would you like to initiate change but you are not quite sure how to do?
Or do you undergo change in a more or less passiv way?

changeLIFE assumes that there are three areas, in which change can lead to more quality of life:
- our own personality
- the way we do our work
- the way we handle other people

In which part your individual change has to take part, has to be elaborated collectively.

How can this be done?
- either by consultation
- or by coaching
- or by training too.