My name is Karl-Heinz Thunemann.
I dedicate the rest of my work life to changeLIFE.

I am 60 years old. 
After 30 years of working for a global acting Insurance company
I decided to become a freelancer and to market my talents for my own.

In my privat and in my professional life I have learned that there are mainly
three starting points for change:
- ourselves
- the kind we organize our work
- the kind we handle other people.

changeLIFE considers all three aspects in a joined way:
either to analyze your individual situation of change, or to work out and execute the steps of your change.

changeLIFE appreciates it's own limits:
especially when the execution of change has to be accompanied by medical ot therapeutical expertise.

So if you like to have an empathic guidance and support for you change adventure:

I am your experienced sparrings partner who listens very well to what you want,
for whom it is extremely important to have a full understanding of your situation,
who wants to help you with passion
and who tries to never loose humour and fun.